Meet Brandy — Grand Lux German Shepherds

Meet Brandy

Brandy wears the green collar. She is sweet beyond compare with a feminine stature. Her deep black and red colors give her head-turning qualities that take after her parents'.

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Brandy's Parents

Darth Vader Marsyas Bohemian is a wonder dog whose puppies are for sale

Darth Vader Marsyas Bohemian

Darth Vader Marsyas Bohemian, BH, AD, IPO, IPO2, IGP3 is a Czech-born, personal protection trained dog who has a large blocky head, he is heavy boned with gorgeous deep pigmentation. 

Darth is super sweet and loves people. He is extremely trustworthy and gentle in and around the house and off the property.

2xVA Fanny von Empiere

Fanny vom Empiere is a a beautiful and well accomplished German Shepherd. She holds the VA1 title from the Sieger Show and shares blood with many other world-class Shepherds.

Fanny is an excellent mother and her pups greatly benefit from her traits along with her nurturing.

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