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2xVA (BSZS) Willy vom Kuckucksland

Willy vom Kuckucksland is a world-renowned German Shepherd and winner of multiple VA Sieger Show titles.

Willy carries all the qualities desirable in a German Shepherd and his traits are not lost on his children. Each of his pups reflects Willy in their deep reds, dark blacks, and bold stature. 

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Willy vom Kuckucksland is a wonderful dog with puppies for sale
Willy vom Kuckucksland is a wonderful dog with puppies for sale

4xVA1 Willas vom Aurelisbrandt

Willas vom Aurelisbrandt is among the world’s most sought after and gorgeous longcoat German Shepherds.  He is the holder of four VA1 titles from the Sieger Show.

With one look at Willas you know he is special. His beautiful coat is a tapestry of reds, browns, and black that his eyes unapologetically match.

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Darth Vader Marsyas Bohemian

Darth Vader Marsyas Bohemian, BH, AD, IPO, IPO2, IGP3 is a Czech-born, personal protection trained dog who has a large blocky head, he is heavy boned with gorgeous deep pigmentation. 

Darth is super sweet and loves people. He is extremely trustworthy and gentle in and around the house and off the property.

Darth Vader Marsyas Bohemian is a wonder dog whose puppies are for sale
V2 Opal di Casa Massarelli is a very highly regarded dog and comes from the di Casa Massarelli kennel in Italy. His puppies take after him with their dark red and black features.

V2 Opal di Casa Massarelli

For the uninitiated, the V2 title is about as prestigious as a German Shepherd can achieve. V stands for Vorzuglich or Excellent and is only below Vorzuglich-Auslese (VA) or Excellent Select (a title only achieved at an annual national show).

Opal is amazingly handsome, and is as sweet as he is big. A true gentleman in every sense of the word. He produces beautiful puppies, who inherit his pleasing disposition, healthy bone size and beautiful deep red coloring and just gorgeous coats.

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Aqua vom Tana hof

Aqua vom Tana hof is an impressive girl with an impressive pedigree and beautiful traits.

Aqua shares direct lineage with VA Segal z Lintichu and V Cris pod Babou Horou.

She is a caring and diligent mother and her pups benefit from her gorgeous looks.

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2xVA Fanny von Empiere​

Fanny vom Empiere is a a beautiful and well accomplished German Shepherd. She holds the VA1 title from the Sieger Show and shares blood with many other world-class Shepherds.

Fanny is an excellent mother and her pups greatly benefit from her traits along with her nurturing.

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Fi-Fi vom Leithawald

Not only is Fi-Fi one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet, and she’s got some incredible genetics to match. She is the daughter of the world-famous VA1 Gary vom Hühnegrab. This means her puppies have a direct linage to a world champion from the prestigious World Sieger show held each fall in Germany. Gary was VA1 in Ulm 2017. VA (BSZS) denotes as Excellent Select, highest ranking winner in male class.

Fi-Fi’s impeccable pedigree and blood lines don’t stop! She has an amazing show stopping blood line that includes thee top VA BSZS back 4 generations.

Some of the spectacular VA’s in her family tree includes: VA Omen Radhaus, VA Remo vom Fichenschlag, VA Vegas du Haut Mansard, VA Zamp vom Thermados, VA Furbo degli Achei, VA Quenn vom Loher Weg