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These aren’t just dogs, they’re new members of your family. Please have a look around our website and see if our puppies are right for you. While you’re here, you can learn about their impressive lineage and read our Frequently Asked Questions. Finally, please contact us if you have any questions. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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Grand Lux is a German Shepherd Breeder based in Pennsylvania. We’re proud to say we have some of the finest puppies and most satisfied clients on the East Coast.

Our puppies have impressive pedigrees and share a lineage with world-famous shepherds such as Gary vom Huhnegrab and Opal di Casa Massarelli. Not only are their pedigrees spectacular but their appearance and mannerisms are too.

These West German Shepherd puppies for sale are some of the highest quality you can find and we spare no expense nor effort to bring them up in the best way possible. Buying a puppy from us means you know exactly what you will get: a spectacular puppy who has been nurtured by our family and is ready to be part of yours.

The Grand Lux Advantage

Door to Door Delivery

At Grand Lux, every shepherd is a member of our family. Because of this, we take great care in ensuring the safe delivery of your pup. You can chose between having your pup delivered to your door, having it flown to you, or picking it up from us.

Impeccable Genetics

Every shepherd here at Grand Lux exceeds the high standards we have hand-selected to ensure the highest quality pups. All of our pups have an impeccable lineage traceable back generations.

The Grand Lux Advantage

We’re a family business and we love to see our puppies make the perfect addition to our customers’ families. Take comfort knowing that we live to nurture these puppies with the foundation that will make them excellent pets.

"If you are desiring a German Shepherd, look no further. I have never met such a knowledgeable, caring, experienced breeder. I am so grateful I found Grand Lux and my baby boy!"
Boston, Massachussets

German Shepherd Puppies from Grand Lux in Pennsylvania

How do we take care of puppies as Grand Lux?

Grand Lux is a Pennsylvania based German Shepherd Breeder. We are an East Coast business that cares about the happiness and customer satisfaction of the best puppies waiting to be adopted. We value our puppies in this sense, and we do and will continue to do whatever they need to take care of them, without interrupting their care.

We only feed all our German Shepherd puppies raw food. With this raw diet, all puppies are provided with a nutritious and satisfying food intake. On the other hand, we provide various supplements to this understanding of food with high quality organic products. Among the complementary foods we use for my German Shepherd puppies, our most preferred nutritional products are fermented raw goat milk and pastured chicken and turkey.

These puppies for sale will be a great companion for you, thanks to the high-protein foods we provide for them to be healthy and our diet that includes additional supportive foods, as well as the trainings we start after the birth. The traning method that we use for all known as ENS stands for Early neurological stimulation. The purpose of this training method for all of our puppies is to expose them to mild forms of arousal that lead to “stress”, resulting in faster maturation and better problem-solving abilities later in life. ENS originated with a US Military program called Bio Sensor and is now applicable to any puppies intended to serve. This training has many benefits. Thus, German Shepherd puppies in Pennyslvania will be more likely to take your commands, lead a healthy life, take charge in the desired area with high performance and manage the stress mechanism quite well.
Our goal is to raise our current puppies in the best way possible before introducing them to their wonderful families in the future. In this way, you can establish life friendships with these sweet puppies, which will be a member of your family for many years.